Jordan Lynton Cox

Associate Director of Research at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

Curriculum vitae

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

The Ohio State University

Brush Arbor Community-Engaged Field Program

The Brush Arbor Community Engaged Field Program is a 3-year National Endowment of the Humanities funded program founded and directed by Dr. Jordan Lynton Cox. The program is centered around preserving the Brush Arbor/ Starkville Colored Cemetery. Registered on the National Registry of Historic Places by a descendant of individuals buried at the site, the Brush Arbor Cemetery (also known as the Starkville Colored Cemetery) is an African American burial site with records dating back to 1819 with visible burials until 1982. Despite its national registry status and rich history the cemetery is in danger due to pedestrian traffic, vandalism, and general neglect. In partnership with several community organizations, universities, and practitioners, the goal of the Brush Arbor Engaged Field Program is to digitally preserve the cemetery while training advanced-undergraduate and graduate students how to preserve African American sites through a community-based restorative model.

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